About Julie

I felt called to this work through my experience as a Five Element Acupuncture client.  I had always experienced good health until shortly after my 40th birthday when I had a serious case of Lyme disease followed over the next year by bronchitis, pneumonia, and flu.  There was no Western medicine explanation for my poorer health.  A friend suggested I try acupuncture, and I found that not only did I regain my physical health but my emotional and spiritual health were improved.  Over time, I realized that the acupuncture treatments I was receiving felt more like true health care to me than the care I gave to patients as a midwife and that I wanted to be able to offer the level of care and wellness that Five Element Acupuncture provides.julie-feinland-five-element-acupuncture

I received a Master’s degree in Acupuncture from the Institute of Taoist Education and Acupuncture in Colorado in May of 2015 and began my private practice in September of that year. I have been practicing as a nurse-midwife in the Pioneer Valley since 1998 and earned my Master’s in Nurse-Midwifery and in Public Health from Columbia University in 1997.

I studied modern dance at SUNY-Purchase in the late 1980s and performed in New York City prior to becoming a midwife.  I have been studying and practicing various forms of hatha yoga since 1991.

Becoming a Five Element acupuncturist has felt like connecting the artist and healer within me. The care I provide draws on all of my life and professional experience.